Podcast Unitarian Christian Alliance Podcast #048

Lori Jane

Bible Challenge
Sep 18, 2020
Central Florida USA

Greetings from the Unitarian Christian Alliance!​

I am grateful for Nathan. This episode is on the serious side—some tough issues, some grappling, and ending in a state of unresolved tension. Nathan opened up and explained how it went down: how he went into the belly of the hate whale, and how he came back out.

Yes, having attended the infamous church of Steven Anderson makes for an interesting story, but the real story is in why he was drawn to it, how he had embraced the hate, and then the humble pie required to see his own mistake and walk away.

I often hear the word "hate" thrown at Christians for their views. I've previously thought of it as simply an exaggeration, a misperception toward Christians. Basically this: if a person believes something is wrong, then that person must have hate in their heart for those who do that wrong.

I'm adjusting my perception on that. After hearing Nathan's recounting of what it was like there, how hate was part of their explicit messaging, and then actually listening to some of those "hard" sermons, well... I saw the hate first hand.

So, I can't blame folks for having that perception. There is real hate. Sure, it may be a minority, but it's a pretty loud minority. Today, a minority can lay claim to a majority's attention. Thanks, internet.

Thank you for your notes.

Thank you also for suggesting the podcast to others. Word of mouth is my favorite means of sharing great content. Personal recommendations are like gold. It seems to be working. I'm hearing from new people regularly. Thanks!

Mark Cain​

P.S. I pulled a non sequitur at the end. I needed to say a few words about internet-savvy criminals who design to manipulate you into giving up your life savings. I'm confident that some in this audience don't spend time pondering "cyber crime." I love you all too much. I simply had to address this, because I know some of you WILL eventually be targeted. Please, survive that encounter.

Learning hate, then truth, then love. Nathan's journey through and past the preaching of Steven Anderson (Independent Fundamental Baptist).​

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