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Jun 8, 2020
Beroean Christians Faithlife Group

There is a Faithlife Group (think of Facebook group for Christians) that is run by a brother that is dedicated to equipping Christians to know HOW to study the Bible.

To that end, he has created a Faithlife Group which is free and comes with Logos Bible Software, Faithlife TV, and Faithlife Ebooks. Then he added an enhancement for a trial period to see how we like it. This enhancement is called the "Equip" package.

These are the benefits:

1) Logos Bible Software Upgrade - Number of resources (bibles, commentaries, educational videos increases from ~40 to >400!)
2) Faithlife TV Upgrade - Many Mobile Ed Courses available - average cost is $200 each!!
3) Faithlife Ebooks - Many additional ebooks not available in the Free version.

I've done a couple of training videos that I will post on this thread below.

To get plugged in do the following:

1) you need to have a faithlife account at https://faithlife.com
2) If you have one already then you need to become a follower of Beroean Christians Faithlife group by going here https://faithlife.com/beroean and click the FOLLOW button to the right.
3) Then private message Jose requesting to be upgraded to a member as you would like to take advantage of the "Equip Upgrade". Here is is PM link https://faithlife.com/jose-vincent

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Sep 18, 2020
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Message from Jose:

Good morning all, As you are a member of Faithlife, you can access the Logos Bible Study tool. This is probably the most powerful Bible Study Tool in the world. It is one of the reasons why user licences were purchased. You can access the free Logos 9 app (was upgraded from Logos 8 two weeks ago) and get a basic amount of resources. With your membership of Beroean Christians you get over 400 resources. Along with the Logos 9 Bible Study Tool, you can access Faithlife TV with an incredibly wide array of resources, including many educational videos. Some of these video also have suggestions and techniques on how to study and research specific points using the Logos 9 software.

I would like to encourage you all to download the app and to start using it. If you are having any difficulties, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please note that it is most powerful on a desktop app with PC or Mac, you can use your browser and for mobile devices download the apps.

One of the techniques we are practicing on the Wednesday meetings is the OIA Method. Faithlife has come up with 8 short videos demonstrating how Logos 9 supports the OIA method. Please click the link to catch the videos.