Podcast UCA Podcast #50 Church Plant | Will Barlow

Lori Jane

Bible Challenge
Sep 18, 2020
Central Florida USA

Greetings from the Unitarian Christian Alliance!​

Source: Episode 50. Church Plant - Will Barlow

I hope this episode encourages you as much as it did me. I was bummed that I had to miss two weeks in a row, but, as my wife tells me, "Mark, it's okay."

Most of us will never be involved in what's called a "church plant." Some of us have, and some have the scars to show for it. There are a lot of moving parts, variables, and a sizeable heap of uncertainties.

Yet, the desire to connect people, to share life with people, to witness the power of our Messiah's love transform people...it's powerful. I lost count of the number of people who have said to me, "I'd love to have a church here; maybe I'll have to start one."

Community (real and personal) is fundamental to our being. Here's a story of one such effort. Guinea pigs, as Will calls it, and it's true. There are lots of resources on the topic of planting churches, but our case is a tad bit unique. I pray that we collectively can learn from each other, and from Will and the team, so that we may grow in understanding and love.

Oh, I also announce details for the next UCA Conference. Super excited!

Don't panic when Part 2 isn't there next Wednesday. I'm traveling all weekend and will not be able to do it. See you in two weeks!

Mark Cain​

Experience the build up to a unitarian Christian church plant in Louisville, Kentucky.​