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Nov 29, 2022
Is science corrupted? Is it institutionalised? Can we reverse the trend? The lack of scientific freedom was the quintessential title of a conference in Copenhagen Denmark on oct. 24/25 2022 that Follow the Science reported on. A lack of transparency and scientific freedom seems to have consequences for scientists, some of whom even stated they were being fired and/or received death threats, and even had family members being threatened. We discuss causes, consequences and possible solutions.

This video is an unforeseen introduction to the report we made on the Lack of Scientific Freedom Conference in Copenhagen, oct. 24/25 2022. The lack of scientific freedom conference turned quintessential after we had filmed it. We received slander and defamation by the organization that invited us. Threats even, should we dare publish our report.

We decided to proceed on a path of transparency. In this introduction we show you what happened to us, after we volunteered a preview of our report to the organizer of the event.

In the subsequent report you'll find impressions of the lectures and debates by scientists such as John Ioannidis, Peter Gøtzsche and Tom Jefferson, and interviews by Michaéla Schippers and Rico Brouwer with some of the presenters.

The reports is in six parts:
- introduction (this video)
- 1 preface and impressions of day one of the conference
- 2 interview with Harald Walach
- 3 interview with Kim Witczak
- 4 interview with Nicolas Vermeulen
- 5 reflections and impressions of day two of the conference
- 6 conclusions playlist • The Lack of Scien...
Links to all parts can be found on

Intimidation does not solve the lack of scientific freedom, it exposes it. Our apologies to the audience and to the speakers who asked us to publish from their sessions. We refer you to the meeting organisers who also filmed at the event. We urge them to publish as transparently, as we had set out to do. Conflict amongst ourselves, only has losers. Let’s choose a different path.

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