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Dec 3, 2022


Matthew 13:24,25,26,27,28,29,30

Jesus spoke this parable and it concerns the kingdom of GOD .

Later Jesus explained the parable.

Matthew 13:36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43

He who has ears let him hear.

The preaching of the gospel by Jesus is the sowing of the seeds. The field is the world of people needing to hear that gospel. The good seed are the sons of the kingdom, the saints, the elect according to grace. The weeds are the sons of the devil, the unconverted of the world. The one who sowed the evil seed is the devil. The harvest at the end of the age is the first resurrection at the return of Jesus and the angels are the harvesters. Notice that both wheat and tares are all to grow in the same field until the time of the harvest. At the harvest the angels collect the the tares and burn them in the fire at the end of this age. The angels will remove every tare out of the kingdom of GOD , everything that is sin and lawlessness. It is the fiery furnace for the tares and they will weep and gnash their teeth. The righteous elect saints of GOD will shine like the sun in the kingdom of GOD.

Look at the world today. Even in what calls itself Christianity are all tares. The good seed are extremely few, many called few chosen. The devil has sowed his tares throughout the centuries since Christ spoke this parable . Look at all the divisions all the false doctrines of the human led churches. They call him Lord, Lord but do not do what he said or even know who he is. They are imitation Christians, artificial Christians, tares and wheat look a lot alike, but by their works you shall know them. Is it any wonder why scripture says, Revelation 12:9 Is it not to be as it was in the days of Noah before Jesus returns ? Genesis 6:5 Matthew 24:37 Since this is true, ask yourself about the churches of this world.

Jesus never gave any indication that millions or billions would be saved in this age, it was always, few. Now, the age to come, in the millennium there will be people who have repented during the tribulation and live into the millennium. For ten generations all these people will have the Holy Spirit and their first opportunity to hear the gospel and have the same hope of the kingdom that the good seed had before them. Later, after the 1000 years, there will be a resurrection of all the dead who never had been converted and they too will have the Holy Spirit and the same hope as those in the millennium and the good seed.
The sower of the tares, the evil seed, is still sowing today and the proof is the condition of the world today.

In Matthew 13:33 Jesus explains these three different times when salvation will be offered. The three measures of meal represents these three times. As leaven spreads through dough the spirit of YAHWEH will spread through people until the whole is leavened, or converted. Leaven is not the symbol of sin, but of spirit; the spirit of YAHWEH or the spirit of Satan. In this parable the woman is the church of YAHWEH in three different times. Matthew 16:18 the church will go on forever constantly supplying humans with the hope of being glorified and entering the gates to the city of YAHWEH. Does it not say; Isaiah 9:7 , Luke 1:33

The reason that the number of saved in this current age is so small is that if YAHWEH called all now many would perish and YAHWEH is not willing for that to to happen; 2 Peter 3:9 Everyone will have opportunity to repent and love and obey YAHWEH and only YAHWEH knows what time is best for each person. This is also why the saints should not think of their unconverted loved ones as being damned or forever being rejected by YAHWEH.

The time we call today is for us, the elect called and chosen saints of GOD. We must see to our own salvation with fear and trembling, clinging to the hope set before us