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Dec 3, 2022
According to news reports Israel is taking its first steps toward abandoning democracy and becoming a monarchy. When Benjamin Netanyahu ran for prime minister his main support came from a coalition of orthodox and ultra orthodox parties in the Knesset. Netanyahu owes his victory to these groups. Their agenda is to have Israel for Israelis only forcing non Jews out of the government, have the Sanhedrin choose a king, rebuild the temple and return to the law and the sacrifices. If you know about prophetic future events you should see how all of this is relevant to the possibility of fulfillment.
According to Paul a third temple will exist in the future where a man of sin will announce from the most holy place that he is God. All of these events are part of the plan of Satan thus showing that 1948 Israeli statehood was not Gods fulfillment of His promise to Abraham but rather Satan setting up the stage for end time events. We know there will be sacrifices performed by Satans high priest, a type of Elijah, who calls down fire from heaven in the sight of men to burn up the sacrifice. This act alone will no doubt deceive many people. Don’t you think that the world will marvel at this ? Jesus in Mark 13:33-37 Told us to watch, be observant , look for the signs. The Apostles gave us warnings of what the last days would be like, perilous times, scoffers, false prophets and love of many grown cold. The prophets of old also were speaking to us about these things. 1 Peter 1:12.

We all need to watch because many things are happening right now in the world that most of us have never seen before, crazy things, perverted things and illogical things all that call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:18-23. In time we will see how things progress.
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