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Nov 29, 2022
JW Researcher Rose Youtube Channel

I'm Rose, a fifth generation witness. After over 50 years I honestly didn't know there was information out there I really did need to know. I wasn't supposed to look. My parents met while living and working at Bethel in the late 1950's. They both knew Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz, the Governing Body members. My dad also knew Hayden Covington and Raymond Franz. My husbands grandfather was a bodyguard for Joseph Rutherford when it was needed, especially after a few drinks. Our families have quit a lot of history within the organization. I hope to share their stories someday. I want to show the continued changes throughout the last 145 years within the publications alone. As well as the changes I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’m also sharing my personal experience over five plus decades as a witness and my waking up process. I’m a CSA survivor by an elder. He really was protected. Keep searching and take care 🌹

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