1. SC Facilitator

    Insider The SECRET 10 YEAR PLAN to save the WATCHTOWER | JW Updates Youtube channel

    A diabolical plan.
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    Public The Price We Pay-Jehovah’s Witnesses Vs. Norway Trial Of 2024 by AVOID JW | Assisting Victims of Ostracism Injustice and Deceit in Jehovah's Witnesses

    The Trial in Norway. Watchtower violating children's rights by shunning practice. https://avoidjw.org/news/norway-trial-violation-childrens-rights-shunning/
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    Event JW Versus the State of Norway Part 2 | Testimonies | Live in the court room | Watchtower evidence of shunning video's, Watchower lies in Court again

  4. SC Facilitator

    Event JW Versus the State of Norway Part 1 (Watchtower wants the money and their status back)

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    Video How Jehovah's Witnesses Destroy Family Relationships | Examining Religious Claims Youtube Channel | Video

    Shunning your loved ones for Jehovah or because men say so?
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    With Faith JW Researcher Rose Youtube Channel

    JW Researcher Rose Youtube Channel I'm Rose, a fifth generation witness. After over 50 years I honestly didn't know there was information out there I really did need to know. I wasn't supposed to look. My parents met while living and working at Bethel in the late 1950's. They both knew...
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    Becky Overbeck Youtube channel

    Becky Overbeck Youtube channel exjw video's playlist
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    Rebuttal Examining The Scriptures Daily - July 1, 2023 | Disfellowshipping, Part of Jehovah's Arrangement | Mark Martin Youtube channel

    Here is an #exWT video debunking the latest Watchtower Daily text of Hebrews 12:11, July 1, 2023:
  9. SC Facilitator

    Article How Cults Use Fear To Control You | (Part 3) | Written By Christopher Karvountzis

    How Cults Use Fear To Control You One man’s freedom fighter... Recently, I posted a kind of coming out story, this was a big moment for me; my official launch into advocacy. For me, this announcement marked a milestone on my journey, as I endeavour to educate the public on the dangers of high...
  10. Lori Jane

    Video Every Lie Watchtower Tells About Shunning

  11. Diana S

    Event International Day of Children's Rights 2022!PROTECT CHILDREN FROM WATCHTOWER SHUNNING SUFFERING - Protest in The Netherlands Peace Palace The Hague

    On the Interntional Day of Children's Rights November 20th 2022 there will be a protest by the Dutch Foundation Against Watchtower Shunning in The Netherlands in the Government city The Hague at the location of the Peace Palace. Here is a translation of the document: Action...