Article Confirmation from current scholars on adoni, “my lord

Lori Jane

Bible Challenge
Sep 18, 2020
Central Florida USA
Source: Focus on the Kingdom, November, 2022

Confirmation from current scholars on adoni, “my lord​

“F. Brown, S.R. Driver, and C.A. Briggs observe further that variations of pointing, particularly between adoni and adonay, are set forth to distinguish between human and divine referents, respectively. In our analysis of all 774 occurrences of the adon root in the Hebrew Bible, we have found this to be strikingly true in the case of these two forms: adoni (see Ps. 110:1) almost always refers to a human lord/master (in a handful of occurrences, the referent is an angelic figure), while adonay (see Ps. 110:5) always refers to the divine Lord.”

— Murray Smith, Ian Vaillancourt, “Enthroned and Coming to Reign: Jesus’s Eschatological Use of Psalm 110:1 in Mark 14:62,” Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. 141:3, 2022, p. 516-517

In other words, as we have been saying constantly, adoni is never God, and Adonai is always God!