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Nov 15, 2020
In 1992 Dr. David B. Capes (the new NT editor of the Word Biblical Commentary series) published a book called Old Testament Yahweh Texts in Paul’s Christology. He argued that Paul’s application to Jesus of OT texts that refer to YHWH prove that Jesus is YHWH!
For example, since the Hebrew Divine Name is translated in the NT simply as Kyrios (Lord) and Jesus is called Kyrios then, guess what? Jesus is Yahweh!
This view, first proposed by Dr. Capes, has now become commonplace among biblical scholarship.
But Dr. Capes flat out misreports the all important Ps 110:1 in order to propagate the millennia old claim that Jesus is God.
In the oracle King David says YHWH, the LORD God, is speaking to someone David calls my lord (adoni) not Adonai.
That the word Adonai never refers to human “persons in authority" (like the patriarchs or prophets as Dr. Capes claims), can be easily proven by any standard lexicon or bible dictionary.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon: "Adonay proper name of God, parallel with Yahweh."
“Lord,” International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Vol. 3, p. 157: “The form adoni (my lord), a royal title (1 Sam. 29:8), is to be carefully distinguished from the divine title Adonai (my Lord, Lord, or O Lord).”
The distinction is also borne out in the Greek translation of Ps 110:1 where the Divine Name YHWH is translated as The Lord [Ho Kyrios], and the Hebrew phrase l'adoni (to my lord) as to kyrio mou. And similar to the Hebrew adoni, the Greek phrase to kyrio mou is never used for God either!


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Dec 3, 2022
Elohim is another word that confuses trinitarians . It means mighty ones or mighty one . It can refer to Yahweh, angels or men. Jesus was an Elohim so was King David. The church , the elect , become Elohim. Micah 4:5 and Psalm 82:6 , John 10:34-35, Psalm 82:1 , the god or gods are Jesus and the glorified church. At the return of Jesus he will take back what Adam lost to Satan and become the god of this world and the church gods under Jesus. The church will take the place of Satans demons who currently rule over sections. Both Jesus and the glorified church will still worship Yahweh but people on the Earth will walk in the name of their god. Of all the mighty ones (Elohim) there is only one who is all mighty, (El Shaddai) .
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