1. SC Facilitator

    Video Nanotechnology discovered in Covid-19 vaccines is the same as dental anesthetics | Video

    The intro is in French, but the video is in English! (Shared by Magi from France)écouverte-dans-les-vaccins-Covid-19-est-:c
  2. SC Facilitator

    Video KLATV - Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda – a film by Andrew Wakefield and Robert F. Kennedy

    There is a French introduction of 1:37, but the rest of the video is in English. (Shared by Magi from France) : Who assumes the right to decide one of the most fundamental decisions? Apparently the WHO, headed by Bill Gates, who gave Kenyan women a pregnancy-damaging vaccine. A diabolical...
  3. Diana S

    General Excess mortality in The Netherlands after vaccination periods. (video and article-English)

    Dr Theo Scheffers, a highly respected vaccinologist from Holland says: 'Data doesn't lie.' A Dutch researcher from RIVM, the Dutch: '...the ones who are not vaccinated are in general more healthy', and at the end of the video he says: ' 1 : I hope it will stop vaccinating people and...'...