raymond franz

  1. SC Facilitator

    Public Pennsylvania Watchtower Elder Convicted / + excerpt of Raymond Franz's book "In search of christian freedom".

    plus an excerpt from Raymond Franz's "In search of christian freedom" of filing cabinets at Watchtower HQ of criminal or immoral acts that have occured in the christian congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide
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    Rebuttal JW Broadcasting February 2024 | Rebuttal

    Here is a compilation of #exWT (#exJW) videos debunking the JW Broadcasting February 2024:
  3. R

    Book In Search of Christian Freedom by Raymond Franz

    This was Raymond Franz' second book written I believe a good 20 years after Crisis of Conscience. He would have been about 80 at the time of writing. I don't understand why it is so infrequently mentioned by former JW's. I love it and am on my second reading of it. I am happy to share my PDF...
  4. Lori Jane

    Article A Love Beyond Comprehension

  5. Lori Jane

    Rebuttal Crisis of Conscience: The story of the struggle between loyalty to God and loyalty to one’s religion. | Raymond Franz

    https://www.amazon.com/Crisis-Conscience-struggle-between-religion-ebook/dp/B07B7C21M3/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Raymond+Franz&qid=1601693264&sr=8-1 Crisis of Conscience presents the story of a struggle to prevent the erosion of a God-given freedom of conscience and the ensuing dilemma of...