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Oct 5, 2020
I am an inventor with 11 US patents. Patents have an "end of life" The become public domain which means I can not collect royalties.

About 10 years ago I began investigating my options for replacing my royalty income, as 1 by 1 my patents were going to expire. I investigated real estate, options trading, and Forex (currency trading). The Forex market trades 6 trillion dollars a day ( more than all of the stock markets in the world put together).

If you have ever wondered what would I do for income if I lost my current job, or do not have a retirement income or formal education to seek alternate income carrers. Then you might want to consider profeesional trading. It is a profession and takes about a year to master, but you do not need a degree or special financial education. Please post your questions here. I will be adding to this forum additional information.
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Dec 3, 2022
With the ongoing destruction of the middle class economists say the average family cannot cover a $1,000. expense. The dollars world status is being challenged by the BRIX nations as well as other nations tired of the U.S. using the dollar as a weapon. We are about 31 trillion in debt and involved in Ukraines war that could possibly go nuclear if Putin goes completely mad. I have invested in gold and silver that during the false millennium would greatly increase in value because the nations will have learned a hard lesson using fiat currencies and a Keynesian system. I think the world will move back to a system more like Austrian that will back currencies with precious metals rather than their good faith which turned out to be not good at all. Silver is the poor man’s gold and is about $22.00 a Troy ounce. I would suggest buying a number every payday that would fit your budget. After the world is brought back from the false tribulation the man of sin will bring in a brief period of peace and prosperity, the false millennium . It will be during this time you would use that silver , which would have increased in value dramatically. Later, when the real tribulation starts there will be nothing that can protect you except Gods mark on your forehead.
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