What Happens When We Die?


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Nov 24, 2020

My mother died a month ago on August 24, 2023. She had a horrible disease known as corticobasal degeneration. It slowly killed her over a 12 year period. She lost her ability to walk, use her hands, hold herself up, memory, use the bathroom, feed herself, talk, everything. The last thing she lost was her ability to chew. She stopped eating, because her brain wasn't telling her the need to be hungry or chew, and she died soon after. She was maybe 65 pounds. My dad took exceptional care of her, 365/7, for many years.

Although I've rejected the popular Platonic belief of disembodied souls either floating up to heaven to play cloud ping pong w/ Jesus or being cast down to "hell" to be tortured endlessly with pitchforks, fire & the Baby Shark Song played on eternal repeat, I did need to read something about death, as well as resurrection.

This booklet by Anthony Buzzard was comforting and his penmanship is spot on. I did come across a verse that didn't ring a bell. On page 25, "From Psalm 6:5 we discover that "there is no remembrance of God in death";...."

I didn't remember this from my previous studies. Then I looked at Psalm 6, and in verse 5: "For in death there is no remembrance of thee (ie. YHWH): in the grave who shall give thee (YHWH) thanks?"

I must say, this single verse destroys the heaven & hell after death nonsense, in quite sweeping fashion. Unfortunately, this lie persists until this day. I've been not remembering things, saying things I wouldn't usually say, crying all of sudden lately. This is the depression stage of grief, I've been told. I read up a little on the 5 or 7 stages of grief, depending on one's choosing.

Be that as it may, I pray for our God to have mercy on all mankind, especially to the billions that have been deceived. Years ago, when my mother still had her faculties, I asked her this question, "Mamma, do you believe that Jesus is the Christ?" She responded, "Jesus, yes." This memory gives me comfort.
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Lori Jane

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Sep 18, 2020
Central Florida USA
Thanks @Bvenski for this post. I'm sorry for your recent loss. This week marks 16 and 17 years ago that I lost my Dad and Mom - almost an exact year apart. It was the roughest year of my life. And I lost my best friend to breast cancer. Death is truly an enemy and I so look forward to it finally being done away with - and to seeing my dead loved ones again.

Hugs to you my brother!

And good point @LeeB - indescribable joy indeed!!