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Lori Jane

Bible Challenge
Sep 18, 2020
Central Florida USA
The Exodus group is like an AA group. ExJWs helping exJWs. Sponsors and sponsees.

In my videos on my youtube channel, I often say there are certain steps I recommend for newly exiting ones. I thought I'd put them down in writing here. Although they are not 12 steps (yet) it is a start.

To help with these steps we have some resources listed as well:

  1. Build Friend / Support Network
    1. Exodus Support Group
    2. Buddy Program
  2. Pray & Read Bible
    1. Bible Reading Challenge
  3. Deeper Bible Study
    1. Logos Bible Software
    2. Additional content via Beroean Christian Faithlife group membership
  4. Attend Bible Studies
    1. Sample choices on the Simply Chrstian calendar or others local to you
Please reply with any steps you feel should be included.
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Dec 3, 2022
Other steps could be ; the ultimate goal of reaching closure, to put the past behind and move forward. To have a new goal to grow in grace and knowledge, understanding doctrine, prophecy and agape. To pray for the people that hurt you, to forgive them. To stop feeling bitter so that no root of bitterness forms. To let the blind lead the blind to their mutual destination. To focus on things above and not below, heavenly things. To truly realize the high calling you have been given and to ask for power from the Father to be more like HIS son.