1. SC Facilitator

    Music Let It Rain by Amanda Marshall (lyrics available)

    Song choice by Shelley
  2. SC Facilitator

    Music Caravan of Love by The Housemartins

  3. SC Facilitator

    Music Egypt by Cory Asbury lyric video

  4. SC Facilitator

    Music Exodus by Pharaoh official lyric video

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    Music Communion Song | Jonathan Stockstill & Bethany Music

  6. SC Facilitator

    Music Breathe by Olso Gospel Choir - Lyrics

  7. SC Facilitator

    Music Voice of a Savior by Mandisa (with Lyrics)

    Song choice by Shelley for Simply Christian Monotarian Fellowship January 20, 2024
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    Music Goodness Of God by Bethel Music (Lyrics)

    Song choice by Cindy
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    Music Joseph - White Flag (Official Lyric Video)

    Song choice by Cindy Simply Christian Monotarian Fellowship
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    Music The Prince of Egypt (1998) - The 10 Plagues Scene (6/10) | Youtube

  11. SC Facilitator

    Music Living Water by Anne Wilson (Lyrics)

  12. SC Facilitator

    Music Psalm 116 - Our Blessing-Cup Is A Communion (Francesca LaRosa LIVE)

    Song choice by Lori Jane
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    Music I speak Jesus by Charity Gayle & Steven Musso (with Lyrics)

    Song choice by Shelley
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    Music O Come All Ye Faithful - Voctave

    song choice by Cindy
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    Music Magnificant - the zoe group Acappella - A Cappella

    song choice by Cindy
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    Music I Find Your Love - Beth Nielson Chapman

    Song choice by Pepa
  17. SC Facilitator

    Music O Holy Night by Voctave

  18. SC Facilitator

    Music Munda Uyo Acapella By The Soul Influence | Lyrics with English Translation

    Song choice by Cindy
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    Music Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone by Cassandra & Star Callahan lyric video

  20. SC Facilitator

    Music Amazing Grace by Diana Ross with Lyrics