1. SC Facilitator

    Testimony Out Of Control | Youtube channel | Interviews in English and Dutch of people who left the Watchtower organization/cult

    Ruben grew up as a witness of Jehovah for almost 40 years in The Netherlands. He has a Youtube channel where he interviews people In English and Dutch who want to share how the Watchtower cult has influenced and impacted their lives and what ultimately changed their minds. There is not much...
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    Testimony Interview with Jehovah's Witness Pioneer who "Wakes Up" Right in the Middle of Pioneer School | Interview with Lori Jane by Elaine's JW Escape Youtube

    Elaine: "Hi friends. Meet my new friend who believed she would pioneer right up to the end of this system but instead "woke up" in an instant right in the middle of pioneer school. Please join me and Lori Jane as she tells her amazing story".
  3. SC Facilitator

    Testimony Waking Up at Pioneer School | Interview with Lori Jane by Tracy Z. from Kingdom of God Ministries & Missions | KOG Missions

    Lori Jane was finally able to Pioneer for a whole year and made it the the coveted Pioneer School. What happened next might surprise you! She never expected Pioneer School to be the place she would wake up! You can check out the Beliefs Clarified page on WT.borg: https://bit.ly/2PBzH3t...
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    Kevin McFree | Dubtown - Lego | Youtube channel

    Kevin McFree | Dubtown - Lego | Youtube channel Interview by Youtube channel ExJW Fifth with Kevin McFree, former watchtower elder and regular pioneer and creator of "Dubtown".
  5. SC Facilitator

    Testimony Vevian Vozmediano

    Vevian Vozmediano, born in Baghdad Irak in a Catholic household. Her family moved to the USA in 1981. She does interviews with former members of the Watchtower. Her Youtube channel: Vevian Vozmediano Her coming out of watchtower video Jack grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness in Poland. His mom...
  6. SC Facilitator

    Testimony Steve Hassan: Spotting a Cult, Hidden Hypnotism & Indoctrination in the Digital Age | Interview by Mayim Bialik's Breakdown Youtube channel

    Steve Hassan, world-renowned mental health professional and cult & undue influence expert, breaks down classic cult tactics and how those techniques have evolved into the digital age. He details his own indoctrination into the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, his subsequent moment of...
  7. SC Facilitator

    Testimony Former Dutch Pioneer Shares her Awakening Story

    Lori Jane's interview with Diana, Monday, September 19, 2022 Here's he link to the reseach in this video for anyone who would like to have it. New material is being added from time to time. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZeOI8BYN6elaeLu534fcrTGiUdRpjgJvfS2sMbY9AFk/edit?pli=1
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    Video Fear of End Times: Ex-Jehovah's Witness Confessions ft. @altworldly

    Shelise from Cults to Consciousness Podcast Youtube channel inrviews Jake from Altwordly Youtube channel. How to survive the Armageddon. Jake, Altworldly a 4th generation (ex) Jehovah's Witness talks about his childhood, growing up with the fear of annihilation, disfellowship, and what he's...
  9. SC Facilitator

    General 'Follow me' | Presentation by Lori Jane (KOG Missions Conference 2022)

    Jesus says: 'Follow me'. (John 10:27, John 8:12, Matthew 16:24, Matthew 4:19, Matthew 19:21, John 12:26, John 21:22 for instance, in the Mind map) Lori Jane's presentation: 'FOLLOW ME!' God's Chosen King Our Redeemer and High Priest', using her Mind map on the KOG Missons Conference 2022:
  10. SC Facilitator

    Emotional A Conversation with Frances Peters (exJW & cult counselor) | Lloyd Evans YouTube Channel

    Interview by Lloyd Evans with Dutch ex JW & Cult counselor Frances Peters about her work and testimony as an ex-pioneer, who woke up with her husband.
  11. SCAdmin

    English Former Dutch Pioneer Shares her Awakening Story

  12. Lori Jane

    Podcast Leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses (Truth Matters)

    Look what I found! And old interview by Sean Finnegan where he interviews Ray - ~ 28 minutes www.christianmonotheism.com/_sites/seanandruth/audio/Truth Matters/podcast 18 -- with Ray Faircloth -- Leaving the JWs.mp3 Ray Faircloth was a Jehovah's Witness (JW) for 36 years and served as both a...
  13. Lori Jane

    Video ExJW True Thrivors

    My ExJw Story | How I was sexually violated by my Bible conductor(JW Circuit Overseer and an Elder)| Brief update of my disassociation from Watchtower org|Devastating experience of the shunning| exjw
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    Testimony Beroean Observer

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    Testimony Amanda Zarate

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    Testimony ExJW Andrew G.

  17. Lori Jane

    Podcast Christian Homeschooling Family Finds the One God and His Messiah

    I listened to this podcast today by "One God Report" by Bill Schlegel. The podcast can be subscribed to here and also viewed on his YouTube channel which I copied below. As a former homeschool mom I could relate. I love how they show their progression from old beliefs to new beliefs. I truly...
  18. Lori Jane

    Testimony From Catholic, to Baptist to Christian Unitarian: Armando Guevara

    From Catholic, to Baptist to Christian unitarian: Armando Guevara